About Chloe

Hey! I’m Chloe, founder of By Chloe nails. Welcome to The Press On Academy, I am happy you are here. Let's get to know one another! Here's a little bit about myself.... 

I started my journey with my press on nail business, By Chloe Nails, in February 2021. I was 20 years old, unemployed & looking for a creative, flexible career in nails but had no formal training or experience in the nail industry. I had big dreams and aspirations but no idea how I would achieve them. I have always been a creative individual and knew my path in life would be less conventional. As a former life long nail bitter, doing nails has always been a therapeutic form of self care for me, which I somehow wanted to share with others. So after brainstorming for days and hours of research I stumbled upon the world of luxury press on nail businesses & instantly knew it was what I wanted to do. Despite having no plan or any idea how, I was determined to make By Chloe Nails a success. 


Just 12 months later I had scaled By Chloe Nails from $0 to 6-figures, grew an international community on Instagram of over 10,000 followers (now over 33k), sold over 1,500 sets ( now over 4,000), gained a customer base of 500+, & gave myself the life I had always dreamed of. My work has been featured on OPI, Apres, Elle Japan, Nail It Media, Madam Glam, to name a few. 

Fast forward to 2023, I now have over 2,500 amazing customers, my own gel product line, merchandise, the press on collective, a nail know how mentor and a full line of online education courses helping press on artists from all over the world, including The Press On Academy. 

In early 2022 I decided to launch my mentoring program, to help others find the success I had in the luxury press on nail industry. Up until that point there was no program, education or general guidance for how to become a luxury press on nail artists and I knew I had to change that. After helping over 200 press on nail artists across the world with my 1:1 coaching calls, the overwhelming demand for more education was still there. Hence how the press on academy came to be in July of 2022, as the first ever platform for press on education.

My goal has alway been for those in the world of press on nails to not have to struggle alone trying to find the answers like I did. To make sure they have access to premium eduction, to learn efficiently and effectively, how to build, grow and scale their business.

Here in the press on academy I strive to help each and every member have a clear course of action on how to achieve their goals as a press on nail artist. Whether you are just thinking about it, just starting, a year in or even 3 years in, the academy is for you. Not only will you be learning invaluable information, you'll also be apart of an ever growing community of like minded artists from across the world. With weekly activities such as nail art challenges, member artist highlights, personalized business audits from me, q & a sessions and podcast episodes, you'll surely never have a slow moment. 

If you have any questions about joining the press on academy or my other mentoring offerings, be sure to email me at info@bychloenails.com 



Kick Start your Career
Kick Start your Career

No more wasting time struggling to find clear answers to your most pressing questions.  Find answers to all your questions, to help you set a clear course of action to make your luxury press on nail business successful!

Community Building
Community Building

Making friends and life long connections within the nail industry is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business. We are stronger together!

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

I am in your corner whenever you need my help! The academy is where you can turn for help, encourgement and support.